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Soleil Studio has been creating stained glass art since the mid 1990s. In 2019, Soleil Studio became an artistic collaboration between Peter Tourin, fine woodworking and marquetry artist, and Jean Twombly, stained glass artist. Soleil Studio Arts creates one-of-a-kind pieces to enrich homes and businesses with original art that fires the imagination.

 We create custom artwork which is both beautiful and functional. We are drawn in our work as artisans to explore the principles of symmetry and free form found in the natural world - mountains, the sea and sand, forest and desertscapes, and the creatures around us. As trained musicians with professional performing careers, we also seek ways to visualize musical sound.

Visit our Etsy Shop to see stained glass lanterns, panels, and fine woodworking artwork that is currently for sale or contact us by email with your custom request.

Recent Work:

Fine Woodworking:

Shoji Screen Closet Doors

Decorative Knife Block

Decorative Lanai Screen for Air Conditioning Unit

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