Waterscapes: Surf is Up

Restless waves scour the shore, waves of glass simmer, boil and spill over

Youghiogheny stipple and iridescent glass

Waterscapes: Nautilus Onshore

A nautilus washes up on shore and is captured in glass

Oceanside iridescent and water glass

Waterscapes: Dragonfly Meets Water Lily

On a remote pond, a lily and dragonfly keep the peace

Oceanside and Kokomo cathedral and streaky glass

Waterscapes: Birches at Lakeside

A grove of paper birches stand sentinel at the lakefront

Cast opalescent birches and Youghiogheny textured transparent glass

Shoji Screen Closet Doors

An outdated mirrored set of closet doors is transformed to meditative state with rice paper and an artful figured sapele wood design

Rice paper and sapele wood framing.


We are drawn in our work as artisans to explore the principles of symmetry and free form found in the natural world - mountains, the sea and sand, forest and desert scapes, and the creatures around us. As trained musicians with professional performing careers, we also seek ways to visualize musical sound.

Who We Are

Peter Tourin began his career as a harpsichord apprentice with Frank Hubbard, then worked with luthier Donald Warnock. By the 1990s he had built a world-wide reputation as a renowned builder of beautiful Renaissance and Baroque stringed instruments. Funded by the grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, Peter researched historic viole da gamba in museums and private collections in North America and Europe in the 1980s, which enabled him to develop a body of fine instruments that reflected the historic designs of various cultures and centuries. These 125 instruments are prized by performing musicians in many countries today.

Currently working with ecologically-sourced exotic woods, Peter brings high design to homescapes with one-of-a-kind projects from his workshops in Maui and New Hampshire.

Jean Twombly has been creating glass art since the mid 1990s. Trained in the techniques used by the glass masters of the early 20th century, she infuses modern sensibilities into her glass designs, challenging the solid nature of glass to move into curve, color, light and dimension. Her work is inspired by nature and by sound, and in service of this inspiration, she looks for the architecture of a subject and distills it to discover its underlying essence and simplicity.

In her Waterscapes series, she develops form and line into an expression of waves, wind ruffled lakes and quiet ponds. In the Music at Work series, she seeks to convey with color, form and line the experience of hearing music. In her series, Garden Walk, she molds the diverse textures, transparencies and colors of glass into an experience that mirrors a moment in nature.

Her work can be seen in art shows and galleries in New England and in Hawaii, including the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, The Worcester Center for Crafts, the 2022 and 2023 Naturally New England Art Show, and Viewpoints Gallery in Makawao, Hawaii.